04/07/2008 - eBill Manager 1.0 is released.
04/07/2008 - Free Outlook Express Extractor 3.0 is released.
04/07/2008 - New Website Launched.

09/05/2007 - Mailbox Fetch 3.0 is released.

10/01/2006 - Yahoo Group Downloader 2.8 is released.

02/06/2006 - Yahoo Group Downloader 2.5 is released.

03/28/2004 - New Website is launched.
11/25/2003 - MSN Group Downloader 1.0 was released today. This program helps users download pictures from MSN groups.More information is available at MSN Group Downloader page.
10/07/2003- Mailbox Fetch 2.0 is available for download. This program now supports Outlook and Outlook Express attachment extraction. It also supports the download of embedded Internet links in the messages, which is a great time saver for current Yahoo Groups. Please check the Mailbox Fetch page for details.
06/15/2003 - A new Group and Files Downloader 1.3 was released today. This new version is a multi threaded downloader capable of downloading Files and Attachments from Multi lingual Yahoo Groups. Also included is a brand new pictorial help file (How to Download Files and FAQ)Please Check out this version and You wont be disappointed. Click here to download directly Group Downloader.